Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hump Day Wish List!

Hi girls! 

So I am in definite need for a wish list today! I would love to go shopping for some new clothes, but I am not going to so this is the next best thing!!

From Topshop, I chose a cute tshirt, that amazing nail polish from the Louise Gray Collection and I just want another lipstick, but as yet I am not decided on a colour! I think maybe Whimsical?!

From New Look, I chose an amazing Batman inspired jumper (!!), a cosy cardigan, ready for autumn and a cute swallow print tshirt!

From River Island, I chose two tshirts, because I love the tshirts form there, a cute pair of bright blue jeggings, an awesome USA inspired jumper, a cute stripy vest  and a blue striped jumper!

Ok and from Fossil, they have brought out these amazing bangles, which come in rose gold, gold and silver. I chose three amazing silver ones to match my watch! I think they would all look so good together on my wrist! Just wish they were not so expensive!!

That is my wish list for today! Is there anything that you would love to have? Or have already?!

Also on a completely unrelated wish list note, can I just say that at last, more chapters on Pottermore have been released!!!! Yay!! I think we have been waiting about four months maybe?! I can't wait to have a proper look at them! Very excited!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love that Louise Gray polish!
    saw it in Topshop yesterday and it's even prettier in real life!

    Georgia x

    1. Awww is it?! oh no i want it way more now!! i have seen it on the nail and it just looks amazing!! :D Thanks for your comment!!

      Jen xxx

  2. Love the £9.99 t-shirt with birds on! Can't wait for autumn, I believ it's coming on Saturday, but I think it's already here...



    1. i know its so cute right?! yea i definitely think autumn is already here!!! it has got so cold all of a sudden and very rainy and windy where i am!! booo :( hehe

      Jen xxx


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