Thursday, 6 September 2012

I Heart Calgel!

Hi girls!

Haha I jokes.. This is not my nail polish collection, I actually only own 21 nail polishes! Thank Pinterest for the photo! Haha I will do a nail polish collection and you can see how short a post it would be!! Oh and I did say only 21 and I do have my reasons! Although I am slightly jealous of all you ladies with loads of different colours, glitters and nail effects! Nail polish just does not work for me!

When I wear nail polish, it can never go on nicely and then I always have to wait about an hour before I touch anything or else my nails will DEFINITELY get ruined! There's no maybe about it, my nails that I just painted will always touch something and then get smudged and that annoys me a lot! Also I would say that I probably get only one day of non chipped nails and that is because if I scratch (because of my eczema) the nail polish just gets rubbed away!! Then I also just like to pick the polish off too (bad Jen!). I do love having pretty colours on my nails though, which is why I love Calgel!

If you are not sure what Calgel is, well it is a gel that is painted onto your nails and then dried under a UV (?) light. It comes in so many different colours and stays on my nails for four weeks! Now can I just say, that after what I told you above, having a colour on my nails for four weeks is amazing!! No chips or smudging! I love having it on my nails! It also makes it harder for me to scratch, which was an unexpected bonus. As the calgel is quite thick on the nail it means that there is no sharp edge for me to scratch with and therefore when I wear then I have very little marks on my skin! Sadly the downside of this is that it costs me £26 to get it done (sad face!!). If I had a lot of money I would get this done all the time! Also do not pick them off after the four weeks, because it can break your nail and make them peel! Although if taken off properly at a salon, it will not harm your nails at all! Therefore it is much better than acrylics! Anyway back to the post! 

I thought I would share with you my Calgel history and share my love for this product! I have had 5 different calgels done.Now obviously as they are expensive, this is a reasonable number I think for just knowing about it for over a year now. So here we go!

My first set of calgels were for my aunts wedding. I was a bridesmaid, which was amazing so I just had to get my nails done for it! I picked a colour that was very similar to my dress, a dark purpley aubergine colour. You can see my bouquet in the photo, which was just so pretty! 

My next set were for nights out and I just felt like treating myself! I love the hot pink colour of my nails here!!

Then I got a set for when I went to America in January. The colour is quite hard to make out, but to me it looked like I had a boiled sweets on my nails, as they were kind of two tone, but almost see through too. Really hard to explain! Basically the colour was almost a corally pink with some peach thrown in there too. They were just super pretty on my nails!

Now it gets to the exciting sets!! I asked if I could get glitter on my nails, as the girl had them out on the table. So I went for a really unusual turquoise colour on my nails with tonnes of sparkly blue, pink and silver glitter on top! I was in love!!

My last calgel nails were again with glitter obviously!! I went for a really pretty barbie pink with pink and silver glitter on the tips and then had it fading upwards! I really loved this combination!!

Sadly I have not had calgels since April and I would love to get another set, but now I am on a spending ban and I will not give in to my desires!! Hehe, writing this post has really made me want to get them!! I cannot wait until I can get another set and I wonder what colour I would get on my nails then?! Ooo exciting times!

Have you ever tried gel nails? What has been your experience with them? 

Love, Jen x


  1. Love the nail art!!! I wish the nail polish collection in the first photo was real, and mine!!!



    1. haha i know so do i!! yea i love the glitter :D

      Jen xxx

  2. gel nails were the best when I was bartending... they were the only thing that saved my nails from getting destroyed!

    1. i know they are pretty much indestructible unless you try to pick them off!! :) Thanks for your comment! :D

      Jen xxx


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