Saturday, 8 September 2012

Weekend Letters!

Hi girls!! So I am doing my Friday's letters today, therefore they have been called weekend letters!!

Dear Club 212, you are so very cheeky!!! We thought we were going into a new snazzy club and then we went through the entrance and down the stairs and low and behold we were in Karbon!!! As soon as I walked in I was like I know where I am! They had just used a different entrance and painted a couple of walls and made a new DJ area with snazzy lights!!! The cheek of them! Haha and it was really quiet too for a Friday night! They didn't even open up the good room, which meant I didn't get to dance as much as I wanted!! Boohoo! Dear Spending Ban, hello there, no I have not forgotten about you and yes I know I have been very naughty this week and there will still be one more thing bought today, so please don't be too mad!!! I'm sorry but sometimes you just have to buy certain things! I'm sorry ok?!?! Dear Readers/Followers, yes this does mean there will be a small haul this week at some point and also maybe a small make up collection post now that I have decent storage!!! I don't have a lot of make up so don't be expecting loads ok? It shall be a good week of lots of exciting posts for you! Yay! Dear Desperate Housewives, eeeek! I'm just about to watch the last episode of season 6!! I don't even remember what happens!! Gabbi has just found out that Angie and Danny have been kidnapped and then also Lynnette is stuck in a house with that crazy women killing boy, who has just realised that he has killed his own mother!! Oh the drama!! I guess it all goes into a huge finale as usual!! Can't wait to see it! Dear Make up, I really love your new set up and I hope you do too!! You used to be stuck in little boxes all mixed up and in a mess and now you are all looking lovely! Yay, this makes me very happy!! One word: Muji!!! Dear Long Lie this morning, thank you!! You were very much needed, especially after last night! I fell straight to sleep when I got home and didn't wake up until 10 minutes to 11!! Ahhh very lovely! Although my bed is very annoying and needs to be fixed!!! Robert (!!) please hurry up and fix my bed already!! Hehe, pretty please! Dear Robert, thank you very much for picking me and my friends up last night (or should I say morning?!) and then going on a hunt to find a Mcdonalds for us!! Hehe we all enjoyed it very much!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Looking forward to the mini haul! I think it's funny when you're on a ban, and all the nice things appear but you can buy them :(



    1. hehe! i know its so annoying!!! lol

      Jen xxx


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